What Depression Feels Like To Me

Another Reblog on Mental Health from C.R. Murphree he teaches Special Education, is an advocate on Student Rights, speaker on Mental Health and he is a Young Adult Novelist.

5 thoughts on “What Depression Feels Like To Me

  1. sounds like a dark night for the soul, the depression that can occur, I often think that in life we are filled with an energy, and how we use it, or what steps we take to preserve it, can be very helpful, imagine Santa Claus, (imagine), who tells you it’s all right to feel off sometimes, more people ought to he says at times, then he tells you, if you want to feel good, really feel good inside, no matter what the time is, all you need to do is to fill yourself with news about eternal love. I imagine that once you believe in the Higher Love, it will dampen all negative influence in your life, amen.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this post. Many members of my family suffer from depression and I can recognise his descriptions of how he feels when depression strikes.
    Thank you too, for visiting my blog and for the follow.

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