My Thoughts for Today…#115



My Thoughts for Today…

Every day I schedule one hour to visit my followers, read their blogs and I always get a storehouse of information. All the while, as I am doing this, I contemplate what I might post for the day. Today my thoughts are random and I will do my best to pull them together for my followers. I have a great appreciation for the depths of my follower’s wisdom and what they have to offer. The words, the artwork and the insight on an enormous amount of information, the sharing of their lives.

Today, my thoughts touch upon the duration of each person’s life, they face many experiences, they go beyond the day-to-day activities, and they face struggles and difficulties. In this season of gifts and giving many feel connected to all beings, nature, and possibly reach to the heavens, to the stars, and give thought to what defines them as a person. In the winter of my life, I have tried to use every moment as an opportunity to know my innermost self. Even at this advanced stage I take every opportunity to expand my knowledge, to become something more, it is not easy and the progress is slow, but trying to become more today than I was yesterday is the goal.

I try to take time each day to quiet my mind, to listen to my Soul, these journeys within realigns my inner self and hopefully putting me on the right path that I must follow. My battle to show compassion and loving kindness is at times hard, as I have lived a life filled with pain and heartache since my own birth. It is during these times that I must go deep within myself to go beyond my own pain. To reach out to those whose life may be equally or more complicated than my own. I realize that anger hiding behind a smile is not compassion or loving kindness.

Therefore, I leave you with this…Imagine a world where people resolve their conflicts with loving kindness and compassion. This is the path that I want to walk and these are the lessons I want to keep learning even if it is the winter of my life.


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5 thoughts on “My Thoughts for Today…#115

  1. Indeed Elizabeth, I’m in the winter of my life as well and spend a great deal of my time contemplating similar things. Recently I discovered how a beneficial change can just sneak up on you, I seem to have developed a deep understanding. I’m beginning to view all events and people with an understanding that in turn leads to compassion which softens the potential impact of harsh realities. A wonderful thing, I don’t want to leave life troubled or angry. I love your book titles and am going to take a look. Blessings my friend 🙏

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