When will Earths lights go out…#111



When will Earths lights go out…

The earth turns in her floating world, tired by the changing of time, seasons, inhabited by those who bring wraith to her. As humans, we look for a way where things will turn out in a magnificent way, glittering wind, and wells of possibility on how things will unfold. Yet, as humans, we keep interfering with her growth, her peace, her beauty. She weeps, tears fall, trickling, sprawling into the depths of hopelessness.

As humans, we stand still doing nothing to save her, if we have made the wrong choices it is the children who must pay, so why do we care. There is no gain for the earth of today, caring is left in the past, the yesterdays of our own childhood. We show no wisdom, and the great “Sayers” who say nothing, sit and let her be destroyed.

There is no victory, we will not leave her as we found her, slow dank waters will form swamps as the rivers dry up, in the woods the cedars’ will soon be like winter bones. She will stand for many eternities, then she will die and her light will go out.


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