Old Age…#106

“In something called the Pew Study, the responses were clearly that old age begins at 68. However, those older, 65, considered old age to begin at 74. As for me, at 80, old age may be 90.” Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree.

Old Age…

Therefore, there are more older people than ever before, most are not working forty hours a week and many are unsure of what they are going to do with their time. Life changes at advanced ages are both physical and emotional. I have struggled with the loss of loved ones and a share of my independence; almost everyone who has reached that magic number that declares we are old age shares this. I have tried to maintain a healthy life style, yet, as the body ages like any vehicle or vessel, its parts wear out. We have to maintain the highest quality of life possible, a fulfilling life and we must find ways to live our life. If you are mindful of changes in your life the ones that restrict you will not come as a surprise, it is known that exercising will contribute to a long life and it is never too late to start.

Exercise can help prevent memory loss; it provides you with “feel-good hormones known as endorphins. It helps reduce chronic pain, improves metabolism and it can improve your quality of sleep. Keep your brain active, you can feed your creativity now that you are no longer working, it is important to keep the brain strong.

It is said that older people living alone are lonely, unhappy and isolated; a study revealed that older people living alone are often poor and desperate. LET ME DISPEL THIS STATEMENT AS A MYTH! I have lived alone in the old age timeframe for ten years, I am not lonely, unhappy, nor do I feel isolated; and I am far from desperate. I am not poor, I am rich in family and the world around me; I have all that I need and want. Family, living in the moment and creativity is my chosen lifestyle, one that fulfills me in every way.

How do I maintain this outlook on life? I keep up with technology and modern culture while embracing my past and what it held for me, I do not disrespect that of others. I try to exercise within the limits of my current abilities; it is less than ten years ago, but every step counts. I try to keep my aches and pains to myself as well as my mental state at any given moment. As we, I have aged, I go through a gamut of emotions, and I do not believe that people change in old age. I do believe that their personalities and health cause unhappiness if they were unhappy as younger people, and they are happy if they have always tried to look as the glass half full instead of half empty. I consider above physical health that mental is the most important, without a good outlook on life the physical health does not have a chance. Family and social ties are a plus; I have to work on social ties.

I try to “practice what I preach”, I still have work to do on myself and probably always will, yet nothing stops me from trying. I have embraced my age, I have adopted a healthy lifestyle and I set goals. Yes, goals, I intend to continue to make myself as healthy as possible and I intend to continue to “write”, on anything and everything, to expand my world and move beyond that small bubble that is my life.

Want you come with me?



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10 thoughts on “Old Age…#106

  1. I absolutely want to come with you! I am 70 and I am busier and more active than I have been at any time in my life. Being retired I do to have to be working and can do what I want and the time fills in so fast with things to do and to see and to experience. Great post Elizabeth I really enjoyed it.

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  2. I have just entered my 60s and I’m having as much fun as I did in my 30s. With a few modifications! My mother went up in a glider plane at 89. She wasn’t old, she was well seasoned. She had gumption and I like to think I have inherited that.

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  3. I’m 68 Elizabeth….. And I fit in here somewhere…
    “In something called the Pew Study, the responses were clearly that old age begins at 68. However, those older, 65, considered old age to begin at 74. As for me, at 80, old age may be 90.” Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree.
    I found your article interesting and fascinating…..
    My physical well being has been fluctuating over the last 20 years, …. I exercise daily, eat healthily, and I live alone (8 years now)…. not as physically active as I used to be (3 strokes over these 20 years) have taken their toll, but I’m now back to being independent in my own little home,… my writing has been a great hobby for me, and I’m still able to go out and enjoy myself socially…… and for me, everyday, is another new day to be enjoyed….. ((hugs))

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    1. Ivor, thank you for an outstanding comment. Yes, studies place everyone in brackets…at 80 my mind feels no different than when I was 40 with the acceptation of when I am tired I use 80 as an excuse to go home from someplace I am visiting. I understand the health problems, I have been hospitalized three times this year alone. I refuse to stay down, fighting back is always my goal. Your writing is great keep up the good work and visit often. E.


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