Why I Write…#101

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I have been writing from childhood, the clumsy print on the “Big Chief” pads to the journal keeping throughout my life. I begin to try to learn the craft of writing via courses at the local college; I begin to write seriously upon retirement. I started with the creation of poetry, wrote a non-fiction and have many short stories shelved in the closet.

Grace Paley and Anne Lamott are my favorite writers neither are afraid of controversy. I have been to lectures from both and Grace Paley appeals to me with her “voice”. I have learned the skill of finding my own voice and writing from Anne Lamott. She taught me that becoming a writer is about becoming mindful, picture what you want to write and write it.

In my writing real people appear in fictionalized form in my short stories and poetry. My poetry is mostly freestyle or free verse; I do not like to focus totally on meter or rhyme. Although, many of my poems have elements of both, I live by the rule anything is possible with I am writing a freestyle poem.

My reason for writing is to communicate with readers, to stimulate interest or a reaction. However, my primary reason for writing is to try to reach the subconscious flow of thoughts. To bring forth useful opinion from my readers through all forms of writing. My poetry is a creative transfiguration of reality. My short stories most times center on events that actually took place, however, they are for entertainment.

Have a great Thursday; it is cold here in southern Wisconsin.



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