There are Choices…#99


There are Choices…

A roar of thunder melds with the coming storm, the man standing with his hands to his side now wonders if his heart is stone; he knows that because he feels nothing. Crimson liquid spreads across the floor from the body below him. Doors locked, a decision has to be made and quickly. His life ended when he would not let her leave. The police and ambulance sirens filter into the house. He sat on the bed asking, “God, will I go to Heaven if I choose to take my life?” Many would ask is that really the question.

• Over half of the killings of American women are related to intimate partner violence, with the vast majority of the victims dying at the hands of a current or former romantic partner.
• Women’s shelters are available in more than forty-five countries, this will not be enough until every city, town and small burg offers a safe house for abused women.


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