Halloween Fifty-Three Years ago…#93


Halloween fifty-three years ago today was a Monday. The Vietnam War also ended with the fall of Saigon and the USA walked on the moon. The most eventful thing on this date fifty-three years ago today was that I had spent weeks creating and sewing Halloween costumes for my three little girls. They had coats and boots for the first time in their lives, we had recently moved to Wisconsin from Alabama. I walked the two oldest to school, all the way home I prayed please stop snowing, and its Halloween. The baby ran and had fun, not her mother. When I returned to school to get the girls they wanted to know if they would still get to go out that evening, I said, yes. Evening came the temp dropped and after one block they were all three half-frozen. Back at home I placed three little human popsicles in a warm bath, dressed then wrapped in blankets, armed with hot cocoa and cookies that did the “trick”. Two of the three girls are no longer with me, the baby still loves Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone.



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