Are You Afraid…#83





Are You Afraid…

Outside the red door is the gateway leading to the

city of doom, through the open door is another

sphere of everlasting pain, emotionally and bodily.

There is no one to push the gate open, those at the

entrance walks freely knowing there is tragedy

beyond the gate there is fear, secret things, distrust

and lies.

The darkness is the most evil, a blood red moon

framed by the many stars hanging in the blackness.

Cries claim the night, souls in the depths of hell

are lost forever in the darkness beyond the tomb.

Is there hope in death, will memories go beyond

the stars, will those souls left behind be remembered.

Souls shedding their tears of blood; give credibility to

the wailing of fate.

Time is lost on those who use  the love of God in hypocrisy,

the ground will  sink  and the false prophets will ride on a wave of

evil  toward that dreadful shore. Are you afraid?




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