It’s a New Day…#77

new day

Tomorrow is a New Day…
“The Dream”

It is morning and I find myself facing the eastern sky to bless the new day; I watch in awe as the coolness of the night melds with the golden rays of the sun. As if a stranger to my own body, I run down a furrowed road the wind caressing my face I am at peace, living in the moment, in the right place.

I leave the road to follow a path into unfamiliar woods, I stare into the darkness beyond the trees; I realized the only thing I had to fear was me. I did not have to worry about leaving footprints behind, no one would care, within time, there would be nothing to find.

I walked out of the darkness into a meadow, a sea of green grass and heather spread before me like purple froth upon a stormy sea; I began to run wildly at the anticipation of being free. As I reach the foot of a mountain my life, seem so very clear, I knew freedom was very near.

At the summit, I leaned over the rocky ledge, suddenly I begin to fall; will I die when I hit the bottom I thought, and knew that there was no need to cry out no one would hear my call. I plunge toward the valley below jolted to consciousness by moans that fill the void where I lay; I opened my eyes dawn was outside my window, and I realized I had been dreaming; it would soon be another new day.

I go to bed each night hoping to find a quiet moment in time where I can dream while embracing the hunger in my heart; I believe in dreams, within them I may find in life a new start. Yes, it is once again morning and I find myself filled with hope, a new day has come, as I watch in awe the coolness of the night melds with the golden rays of the sun.

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree




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