If fear were a color,
it would be black, void and unfeeling.

If fear were a taste,
it would be that of bitter weeds.

If fear were a feeling,
it would be that of suffocating.

If fear were a smell,
it would be that of burning flesh.

If fear were a sound,
it would be the rattle of one’s last breath.

Peace and Love




Charlotte Jean Murphree

The doctor’s words ripped into my heart he refused to see my fevered baby, the pain like no other I had ever known; I was terrified, so much so, my body shakes uncontrollably.   I would not know it then, but his decision sentenced my child to life in a demonic prison created from the fevered mind of a baby. 

6 thoughts on “Fear…#51

  1. We feel like paralyzed
    fear is well… scary
    how we decide to fight it
    in each of us may vary.

    It could be a lot hard
    but fear is not indomitable
    by being adept at emotions
    keen mastery we’ll be able.

    Thank God is a feeling
    we can overcome fear
    we need to subdue it
    or crush it with a spear.

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  2. Excellent piece.
    Reminded me again that we are all so different, and that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to emotions.
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.

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