Honey Wine – A Short-Short Story…#48

Sunset in Georgia

Caroline Crabtree knew that beauty had an ending that all things fade and die; now she was in the winter of her life.  All her friends were gone, as was much of her family, the ones that were left, distant greedy cousins.  The southern elders now forgotten like goldenrod dust upon a warm southern breeze.  Her eyes yearned for the loves of yesteryear, frustration guided her thoughts, and she kept repeating…

“Old, old, old.”  Caroline hated to eat from a plate made of paper; when she was younger, the family dined on fine bone china from Boston.

“Now you come with me Ms. Caroline, its supper time.”  Simon had a special bond with the elderly Ms. Caroline he did not mind that she lived in the past and sometimes he could bring her to the present.  Simon was her trusted friend; the color of his skin had faded with time.  She no longer saw the brownish of him, what she did see was the love that came from his pearly smile and gracious heart.

Satiation, that was where Caroline was at in her mind, then she thought… is it necessary that old people feel wants beyond hunger. The clouds of time had spun away like the seasons; she now waited for the last leaf to drop.  All that was left was the sweet memories, like her family and friends, loves and the taste of her father’s Honey wine.  Please she whispered let me go quickly; she then turned toward Simon.

“I am so tired of time”.  She looks at the setting sun; it melted into the lake; next back to where she shared a room in the old nursing home with a stranger, another woman.

“Simon, can we go sit by the lake until the sun goes down.”  She reached for his hand.

“We sure can Ms. Caroline”  When he reached the dock he sat on a bench next to his beloved, he held her hand and they watch stars filled sky as the sun went beneath the black waters of Lake Macon.

Simon rubbed her hand it had grown cold; he stood up to take her back.  “Ms. Caroline we have to go back its getting cold.”

When she did not answer him, he bent down to see her face.  There before him was an angel, eyes closed, a smile on her face, he kissed the hands that use to be smooth and gentle, he sat down holding the loving hands he know so well. 

“You sleep now Caroline soon you will be riding a golden wave of honey wine that leads to a place with no time.”  Simon kissed her hands saying…

“You wait for me, I will be there soon.”  He could not stop the tears that rolled from his dark brown eyes.

Peace and Love




13 thoughts on “Honey Wine – A Short-Short Story…#48

  1. 💙 I read a few your posts a couple of days ago but didn’t quite know what to say. I guess I was speechless. It took me a while, but I realize your writing sounds a great deal like my mothers. She has changed address, now residing with the Lord. So I was stunned to hear a similar voice.💜

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    1. Tora, I believe in the life beyond. I believe that there are those who are messengers to those who are left behind without question. When I read your comment I felt a kind of “peace” deep within. I too believe that my writing holds messages from those beyond. I understand the concept of my poems and prose, then write sometimes not knowing what will end up on the page that was blank only moments before. My blog titled “The Last Chapter” is consummated after living many decades. Please let me know if your mother’s voice seems to fall gently upon my tongue to your eyes. I will pray for it as it is such a blessing to receive your comment. Elizabeth 🙂

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      1. Well Ms. Johnson,
        Im still speechless. I still dont have the words. But i will keep your page saved and visit you every now and again.
        Your words take me to a weak place, a place I never go with forethought or willingly. So imagine my surprise! OK. Its was like that moment when you realize you are still in pain. Youve just been holding your breath the whole time, trying to be OK.
        Your words caught me. Amen.

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  2. My older sister, she is 1941 born, lost her young son a few years back. She learned auto writing and tells me that she is in touch with him now.
    I do believe in after life but am not sure it is good to keep in touch like that. Isn’t it good to let go?
    I lost my wife too at a relatively young age and I loved her deeply. I think of her very fondly and hope and pray that she is happy and loved whichever dimension she is in now.

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    1. What a wonderful comment. I also tried auto writing I believe I did contact a favorite aunt. I decided not to disturb anyone any longer. I believe in after life as well, I will visit everyone someday. Thank you ashok!


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