Heaven and Hell…#46

Splendor of the aging body has disappeared, shaded looks from an old lover causes the soul to cry.  An enemy is not kind, as both beauty and strength begins to decay. Time engulfs the aged, suddenly life changes in every way.

Of youth, we dream, while youth and old ages begin to entwine.    The past is gone there is no future; the years have gone by so quickly, we weep.  The days are long, were we ever young?   This crumbling body one cannot change.  The last chapter where we live in, the past, the present brings weary pain. 

Suffer, feeble, remembrance hidden deep within our minds.  Emotions felt, life has not been kind.   Frozen in time, ghost of ourselves, there is nothing left to tell.  It is the last stage of life, some wait for Heaven, while others continue to live in hell!

Peace and Love



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Charlotte Jean Murphree 1958-2010

Flying with Broken Wings is about the life of Charlotte Jean Murphree. Charlotte was not a famous person, in fact, not too many people knew her, but those that did knew there were many facets to her life. the book tells of fifty-two-years of daily testing of her will to carry on and the misfortune she faced. As a baby and young girl she was made fun of by school children, her progress was slow but she never gave up the fight to overcome her disabilities. As an adult, she fought Cerebral Palsy, Living with Bipolar, Depression and Schizophrenia disorders. Charlotte lived not only with herself but she endured the “Voices” that lived within her for over thirty years. This book is about her beginning, her middle and the end of her life.

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