Writing…staring at the blank page…#39

AUTHOR’S NOTE: After spending the morning staring at the blank page I thought of Anne Lamott who wrote an entire book called “Bird by Bird”…if you are a writer and have not read her books do so, you will find how she feels about writing “the shitty first draft”.

I find that thinking of the many “shits” in the world sometimes allow my brain to be kick started and put the first word on that blank page. Yes I know it not the best but it serves its purpose for me.

Let me see in the senile stage the many kinds of shit there are: Goose shit, Fish shit, Elephant shit, Wildebeest shit, Horse shit, Caterpillar shit, Rhinoceros shit, Bird shit, and then there is Chicken shit.

Whale shit, I have never seen, Fly shit I see clinging to the door screen, Wolf shit, Giraffe shit gathers speed as it falls, Turtle shit is dotting the earth as it eliminates during a slow crawl. 

Shark shit, rarely seen as they are vicious, quick and mean, camel shit is ghastly dry by the time it hits the sand getting covered by desert flies.  Alligator shit is a massive green, the shit you see, the alligator makes its way quick and clean.

Chigger shit is so tiny and small; you could be sitting on it and never care at all.  Baboon shit you want to stay clear, it will pick it up and toss it into your ear.  Redheaded Woodpecker shit is my favorite of all, it pecks a hole, fills it with shit and the tree grows strong and tall.

A playful poem may be the best of all; you hit and run with it…before the “shit” hits the wall.

Love and Peace



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