Run Don’t Walk…#24

Life is a struggle, nights daring to

dream under God’s blue or black veil,

wasted youth and bitter truth? 

Days and nights wandering through

jagged valleys of pain, climbing mountains

built of chaos.  My words left unheard,

 knots of certainty and answers left tied traveling

a rough road of living that sometimes show

upon the bones of time. 

Wind has scattered feelings across the land

of hurt as tears, fall upon the dust of shattered

Soul’s remains of wanting happiness and love.   

Must one be cheated of any dreams, are we

safe with them, heart and soul like sewing the

torn heart back together, the torn fabric of life.

The tarnished needle will leave scars and pain.

Love and Peace


Author’s notes:  Has someone subjected you to these atrocities.

1. Humiliating or embarrassing you.  Has someone done this to you in front of your family or friends?

2. Constantly putting you down.  Has someone made fun of how you are dressed, hair and clothes?

3. Subjecting you to hypercriticism.  Continues to judge you on everything you do.

4. Refusing to communicate or giving you the silent treatment.  Never home to communicate.  However when you are both home, do you have conversations.

5. Ignoring or excluding you.  Does this someone ignore you are makes only plans for them to attend, excluding you.

6. Having extramarital affairs.  Does the person you are talking about “cheat”?

7. Displaying provocative behavior with someone of the opposite sex.  Does this happen to you often.

8. Use of sarcasm and an unpleasant tone of voice at your expense.  Yes, all the time.

9. Unreasonable jealousy.  Never jealous, does not care enough to be jealous.

10. Extreme moodiness.  Always!

11. Making mean-spirited jokes or constantly making fun of you.  Continuously.

12. Saying, “I love you, but …”.  Saying I love you without it being true.

13. Saying things like, “If I did not have you _____.  If you have ever heard these words, they are wrong.  

14. Attempts at domination and control.  No attempts, actually does control all the time.

15. Withholding sex or affection.  No, just was never a question, but this person did enjoy his time “out”.

16. Subjecting you to guilt trips.  All the time.

17. Making everything your fault.  Yes, continuously. 

18. Isolating you from friends and family.  Did you have to give up “your” friends and only have friendship he chose?

19. Using money to control you.  No, you were the breadwinner!

20. Constant calling or texting you when you are not together.  No, they do not care enough to call or text.

21. Threatening to commit suicide if you leave.  Constantly.


Artwork by Author

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