Your life’s plan changes daily by events

that happen to you along the way; the

outcome based on every decision that has

ever been made, past and present. 

Expectations written into your plan may

never be met.

Yet one can survive a lifetime pretending

to belong, that is all one might get.  Feelings

are a privilege for those who have had and

never lost, for those who have locked the

doors on their emotions for the sake of pleasing

 others have done so at a great cost. 

Living details, moment-by-moment experiences

 in life, these are the most important things,

not strife. Remember you played the part?

Love and Peace


Authors Note:

We all have expectations in our lives: what we want out of life and who we want to become. If you do not have expectations, you can never be disappointed. Often we tend to believe that the way we treat others will be the way we are treated in return. Nevertheless, unfortunately, this does not always happen.

You need to find people who appreciate what you do for them and who will reciprocate these actions.  Having realistic expectations will allow you to accept the flaws each person has. We need to learn how to take responsibility for our own lives and our own decisions before we can expect others to do the same. Do you feel excited about waking up in the morning to start your day?  You are finding the meaning of life.


Artwork by Author – Personal Gallery

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