A Walk in Brightness…#22

You try to absorb rather than being absorbed, have you not done this too well.  Life cannot be lived without pain; one must learn from the lesson life gives so freely, if you never learn, if you keep returning to the pain that feels so real, nothing will ever change. 

Do you find that when you try to be happy, absorb the joy, nothing changes, your life feels like a pickaxe in the heart, you are deeply engaged in its meaning, learn.  You tremble with fear, lie down and hope life will pass quickly while you hide in the shadows of the darkness of time. 

Have you salvaged from the lessons life teaches enough to walk into the brightness of what will come beyond this tormented world, to walk in brightness is to know that happiness is just beyond the golden curtain.


Love and Peace



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Women of the Desert – Acrylics – 656 X 478 – Arizona 2009

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