Hidden Emotions…#21

Conception, birth, the process of growing older, and dying, the lifecycle travels quickly and then the final chapter written.  There are no exceptions, an age and date separates all living beings.  My strength lies in the middle developing a sense of self…we bloom or we lay in waste with the fading of seasonal growth.  Deep within there is a remembrance and emotion deeply hidden in the heart, quiet.  You may be a ghost of what you once were…but you are still a living being and the world applauds the reason for your birth.


Love and Peace


Author’s Note:

Although most doctors recommend a non-drug treatment for depression and hidden emotions, that was not the case for me; drugs was a necessity.  In the many stages of depression I deal with there are countless emotions.  I have only recognized and speak openly about these emotions in recent years; it began when I was in my pre-teens; my mother called me moody and my daddy never argued with my mother.  My emotions rang from inward fear, anger, grief and shame.  However, I was never allowed to talk about any of them.  In the Deep South during my younger years I would hear talk of neighbors and classmates being placed in asylums, I learn quickly to suppress my feelings.  My emotions were unbearably painful.  We learn as both children and adults, “Don’t be so emotional! We are taught two extremes: either hide or act out emotions. I chose to hide mine. 

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