Looking at Evil…#20

America being tarnished by a man that is EVIL and I believe he carries deep within him the desire to bring every American to their knees and become a dictator.

Donald Trump recently, on twitter dishonored John McCain, months after his death. Trump is showing Americans just how low he will stoop to get himself back in the “public eye” of those who are still Trump supporters and those who believe that he is an embarrassment to the office he holds.  Trump is not worthy enough to speak of such a great man as, John McCain.

And, attention is what he wants, the only thing he wants, to have all eyes on him.

Trump is “EVIL”… there are people who will do anything to get their way; Trump is that type of individual.  Currently, we all need to be protected from Donald Trump.  May God help us all, including those around the world that may feel the impact Trump has on the World?

Pray for Love and Peace


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