Understand My Pain…#17

Understand My Pain…

My world is like a grain of sand upon then shores of time, changing, ever changing, and then, flowing out into the sea of life.

Infinity is in my soul, eternity floats upon the clouds of heavenly moments.  My hours caged, my spirit angered at the thoughts of those who have walked away from my gate.

My feet have left their mark upon the sands of time, waves of tears have splashed upon the rocky cliff that bares scars of what I have lost, and my mind wanders the caverns of the past.  Words of doubt have poisoned my faith.

Understand My Pain©elizabethannjohnsonmurphree

The subject of grief is not entirely emotional. Grief is expressed physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Emotional expressions of grief include feelings of sadness and yearning.

 I am told that you can shift the focus away from sadness.   Distract yourself, find delight in beautiful days.  Reclaim the idea of what you have lost, spend time with good people.

Although these instructions and information I believe to be true, they did not work on me.Why?  Because I have yet to grieve.  I walked out of the hospital with dry eyes, the lump in my throat has lodged itself, the time…almost 10 years. 

I cannot grieve, I cannot let go, my silence is only broken by the books I write, the stories and poetry I create. When you are grieving there is no distraction, you cannot find delight in beautiful days, reclaim What?  Reclaim the idea of what you have lost will I get it back?  Spend time with good people, they are few and far between.

Love and Peace


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