Some of us live in a bubble of pride, immense loneliness, and at times both burdens to bear; somewhere along the way, many of us find that, there is not a reason to care.  From the nursery floor to walking upright, the goal is to soar like a bird in the tallest tree.  Many of us will forever stand alone, and alone we will fall from the darkest valley to the highest hill.  Somewhere in the night a shot rang out in the darkness, did anyone hear, does anyone care.  The only blood spilled was mine

Love and Peace


Author’s Note:  My “bucket list”, I have written a simple line.  “Write a Mystery”! I am not under any spell that this is possible, yet I have the desire to try.  Next to that line is the paragraph above…it speaks of pride, loneliness and burdens.  Of wanting to soar like a bird…to get away from it all, it all covers the  abuse, the threat of being killed, and the final act of being killed.  A paragraph to build into a story.  Sometimes mystery books are nonfictional. “Mystery fiction” can be  stories in which the emphasis is on the puzzle or suspense element and its logical solution such as a whodunit.  The title “Free” and its contents is based on fact and fiction.



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