On being me…#7

On Being Me…

Listen, you know who you are when I say, that when you hear the Heavens rumble with lighting, darkness and wind, remember me. 

Your heart is made of crimson stone, your soul of fire.  Destiny has set me free.  Free to be me.    The miles that we traveled on the journey to Hell, meant nothing to you, but pain and sadness for me. 

The pain of leaving did not trouble me.  True prophecy is that I must say goodbye, you only have to look at my broken mind, body and soul to know why. 

Realize that all is lost, and it is I that paid the cost.  My life was a cursed hell…no longer in your shadow; I can learn to take care of me and to be free…

It is simple; I have to be me.


Authors Note:  The wisdom of these words did not come quickly, it took years to cultivate a new mindset after years of living a less meaningful life.  It came with age, which is unfortunate.  We pay a lofty penalty for mistakes and we do not weigh the cost of our assumptions, we willfully pay no heed to the wealth we have in our present moments, after all the threats are gone . Throughout our lifetime, these accumulations of bad thoughts or practices build silently, and we close our minds to it, doing nothing.  We are who we are; we may never touch the fullness of our possibilities.     We believe that we know where we are going, our mind paints a calm picture, all the while we endure veiled feelings, we mostly think about the past and the future, we think of what we want. Being in touch with only the moment, this day never trying to cultivate mindfulness. Meditation has become a way of life for me; it is simply being yourself and realizes that you are on a path and direction that is always unfolding every minute, every second, and every hour of the day.  Don’t rush it let it unfold joyfully, be mindful of the pitfalls.

Love and Peace



AUTHOR’S NOTE: We cannot think about the “seasons” without bringing Mother Earth into the fold.  She has served us well, beware she made not be here forever, be good to her.


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